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With the phenomenal growth of data it is very essential to decrypt valuable information to take well informed decisions. Use Inforiants’s high performance data mining, predictive analysis, text mining and forecasting services to make the best possible decisions. We have a passion for discovering and communicating meaningful patterns in data. We provide world class solutions to our clients and help them in meeting challenges with Data Governance, Mobile and Big Data Analysis.

Increase the effectiveness of your decision making by gaining valuable insights

Analytics at our organization is a process that consists of five interlinked steps:

  1. Data Import– This step involves gathering of Data from primary and secondary sources or clients and preparing it to be readily used by the analytical tools Google, piwik, Hadoop and SPSS.
  2. Data Analysis– Involving quantitative and qualitative analysis of data by breaking the information, once the data has been imported. A detailed research is performed by our analysts about the expected outcomes with the analysis and hence come up with solutions to any existing problems.
  3. Report preparation– Data is assembled keeping in mind the necessary actions in order to be presented in the next step.
  4. Communication– The prepared report is presented for an internal communication or to the client to discuss the outputs of the analysis.
  5. Implementation– Involves taking action on all the aspects of the analysis including development, testing, and implementation of high performing systems.